Faced new situation and requirments under the 13th Five-Year Plan, we will put the “The Belt and Road” strategy from mapping into effect. China has made a leaping development in traffic infrastructure.China has being challenged themselves , building plenty of sea bridges and taken charge of complex projects. All of these made China one of the top countries in bridge & tunnel construction in the world. The whole industry all keep eye on the use of shield technology, tunnel safety and environmental protection. Besides, industrialization and standardization are also our research direction. During the construction of bridge, its safety and durability are very important. Meanwhile, anti-corrosion reinforcement, maintenance and repair has been more and more focused because of the improvement and expansion of our domestic projects.

As one of the most significant international summit in bridge and tunnel, we will review and summarize the lessons and fruits in the past and promote this year, providing a theoretical and professional platform for research and exchange for all the scholars, experts and business people in this area.

Our summit will be held on the 25th and 26th of the January in Wuhan, Hubei. This time we will put emphasis on the display of advanced technology, information technology, operation policy and maintenance solutions of the bridge and tunnel, create a smart city with proper bridge and tunnel, offer a technology exchange platform.

Past Review



  • Design Concept and Development Prospect of Modern Bridge and Tunnel
  • Research and Thinking of Key Technology of Some Finished and under construction Cross - sea /river tunnels
  • Combined with "one by one" strategy to Help China 's bridge and tunnel project "going out
  • Digital tunnels and intelligent tunnels – the information technology development of tunnel construction 
  • China BIM Strategy and its Implementation
  • Construction Technology of Wuhan Yangsi Port Bridge
  • Construction Technology of Immersed Tunnel of the Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macao Bridge
  • Performance and Application of Super Concrete
  • BIM rail transportation construction management and information integration
  • Application and discovery of BIM Technology in Steel Bridge Project
  • Challenges of Tunnel Design for Super Diameter Shield in China
  • Powerful tunnel drainage system, the latest trends and project introduction
  • Advanced guidance, monitoring and data systems ensure efficient, safe and quality of tunnel construction
  • Application of shield technology used in complex river - crossing tunnel construction
  • Technology Development of Shield with Large Diameter Slurry and Tunnel Construction
  • The application of Variable density tunnel excavator used in Stratigraphic project: Kuala Lumpur Klang Valley Subway Project
  • Bridge Sinking Technology—Analysis of the Difficulties in the Project of Wuhan Yangshi Bridge 
  • Bridge Earthquake resistance Technology and Design
  • Technology Innovation and Development of Bridge
  • China rail bridge with long span
  • Steel - concrete Orthogonal AbnormityBridge Deck Structure Technology
  • BIM- solution of Bridge information flow
  • Humblet Bridge - Understanding and Practice of Sustainable Bridge Engineering
  • Application of BIM Technology in Bridge Construction
  • Advanced non - destructive testing technology for bridge structures
  • New structure of bridge and high - performance materials 

Part of Speakers


Post Event Visit

Day Three: Post Event Visit


Inspection of Yangsigang Yangtze Bridge

Yang Si Port Bridge is located between Wuhan Baishazhou Bridge and Parrot Island Bridge. It’s totally length about 4.32 km, which is the first two-story Wuhan Bridge. Cars can pass on both upper and lower story. Besides, it has 12 car lanes. Both sides set up sightseeing Walking trails. Yang Si Gang Bridge takes a cross-the-Yangtze-River program, spanning up to 1700 meters, which is the world largest double-deck suspension bridge. It ranks first in our country and second in the world


Yellow Crane Tower

Yellow Crane Tower is located in the south of the Yangtze River on the summit of the Wuchang snake ,belonging to Wuhan ,Hubei Province. It is also the 5A tourist attractions, enjoying the reputation of "the First Floor of China". Yellow Crane Tower is landmark of Wuhan. With Hunan Yueyang Floor, Nanchang Tengwang Pavilion , they are  called "Jiangnan Three Famous Buildings."


Magnolia Tianchi

Magnolia Tianchi is not only the 5A tourist attraction, but also the National Forest Park. It covers an area of 13 square kilometers, mainly composed by the "romantic landscape", "high gorge people" and "Forest Park". They link into a ten-kilometer forest landscape Grand Canyon from south to north



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